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For the larger breeds ... Wash and dry. Paws, under carriage and hygiene areas tidied.  Full clip if desired or a tidy of furnishings.  But the right length to allow your furry friend to dry off sufficiently to stop that doggie wet smell. 

All the small breeds ...Breed standard grooms or ... how about short paws and under carriage and a coat length to suit your furry friends lifesytle. Just to ensure we don't smell doggie and bring the wet inside on our paws.... not quite summer short.



Pam Higson    Hot Diggity Dog Groomer

After owning and running a successful Dog Grooming Studio for many years -I am excited to come home to Oneriri Road in Kaiwaka and run a small home grooming studio.  I have many years of experience with breed standard grooms as well as popular fusion grooms.  For those of us on a lifestyle block or farm I can also groom your furry friend in a practical farm and beach groom.   I offer a professional grooming service, add to this the ability to check your dogs health whilst grooming as I am a qualified Vet Nurse.  I have also studied Animal Nutrition and Homeopathics.  Animal First Aid.  

Full Groom

  • Bath (double shampoo and conditioner)
  • Blow dry the coat
  • Coat clipped, styled and shaped as per consultation
  • For non-clipped dogs, coat brushed out and loose coat and dander removed
  • Hygiene areas cleared
  • Paws & pads trimmed
  • Nails clipped
  • Ears cleaned and plucked (on request)
  • Anal glands checked (on request)
  • Hot Diggity Dog! 

Face Trim                   Only is available - dogwash and dry - Face trimmed/eyes cleared

Wash and Tidy         Dog wash and dry - Hygiene areas cleared. Coat brushed out and de-matted.  Face, Ears                                            Paws tidied.

Farm dog Clip offs   Dog wash and dry -  clip off only of head and body, Nails Trimmed

EXTRAS :  Ear plucking and clean,   Poodle paws

Small breeds  - Dog Groom from $68+                                                                                                                                              Shih Tsu  Toy Poodle  Bichon  Pomarian  Cairn Terrier  Brussels Griffon  West Highland Terrier  Yorkshire Terrier Maltese  Rough Coated Jack Russell Papillon  

Medium breeds  - Dog Groom from $78+                                                                                                                                  Spoodle Cavoodle Australian Terrier Scottish Terrier Cocker Spaniel Welsh Spaniel 

Large breeds  - Dog Groom from$90+                                                                                                                                      Standard Poodle  Golden Retriever NewFoundland Gordon Setter Airedale Springer Spaniel Border Collie Hunterway