What is a Breed Standard Groom  every4/6/8 weeks

A breed standard groom is the traditional groom for that breed of dog.The breed standard groom   : the dog is clipped, scissored and brushed out in the traditional  lookfor your dogs breed.  There is a standard look for all dog breeds and can be viewed within most Breed Associations web sites. Breed Standard Grooms usually last 6 weeks between grooms.  In summer when shorter this period can extend to 8 weeks.  If a longer groom than usual 4 weeks between grooms.

What is a Fusion Dog Groom every 4 to6 weeks

Fusion Grooms have become popular now with all the different Dog breeds.  As you can see with the pictures of the apricot poodles how different the poodle can look with a Fusion Groom.   The Fusion Groom can change the look of the breed dramatically.  Fusion Grooms can last just as long between grooms as a Breed Standard Groom however it is recommended as with all grooms a period of 6 weeks between grooms.  With some longer fusion grooms a period of 4 weeks is recommended. 


Wash and Tidy 

A wash and tidy gives your dog a bath and blow dry this cleans the coat and removes dander.  The Hygiene areas are clipped : Groin area, bottom and underarms.  The coat is brushed out/de-matted.  The face/ears are tidied.   This is done when required.