Winter Grooming Myths

Myth: Dogs Are Warmer if Their Coats Are Longer In Winter

Many people think they don’t need to groom and trim their dog in the winter and some even think they will get cold if they do. The humidity & dampness will affect your dog.... Their coats will become damp & wont dry properly.


Keeping their coats at a reasonable length has many benefits:

  • Helps to prevent chills & the dryer coat & skin will help with many ‘old age’ conditions
  • Allows the dog to completely dry off after exercise in rain and beach conditions
  • Allows you to check for ‘hotspots’ and other skin irritations
  • Helps to prevent sore, itchy paws
  • It is easier to check for fleas and to administer treatment
  • Keeps the hair out of their eyes and ears which can cause irritation and even infections if not kept trimmed
  • Keeps the Sanitary areas clean and unsoiled
  • Helps to reduce that typical ‘damp doggy’ smell!
  • The nails are kept clipped (nails grow all year round and long nails can curl back into the pads causing pain, lameness and infection)
  • Prevents the coat from becoming matted which can cause skin sores & harbour fleas. It will also be much cheaper to have a neat, clean coat groomed than a matted one!
  • Makes wearing a dog coat more comfortable for the dog as it will be placed on top of a DRY coat and skin
  • It allows your dog to have a thorough bath, check over, nail trim and to be completely dried off on a regular basis.
  • My grooming room will be comfortable throughout your dogs’ stay

What is a Matt ..... When your dogs coat has not been brushed or groomed for an extended period of time the coat/wool knits together almost felting.  As the matting develops the matt slowly pulls the skin tightly together causing irritation... You may notice your dog scratching or chewing at the coat to release the tension on the skin. What should I do - call:    Hot Diggity Dog  09 4312143

What can I do if my Dog has not been groomed for a while and has a thick matted coat - Come in as soon as possible I am happy to help

Dematting: If dematting is going to be uncomfortable it may be best to clip shorter to avoid distress or injury. Clipping shorter allows the clipping blade to get under the matt and by doing so means there is no pulling on the already irritated skin.    

Sores and hotspots: Matting can suffocate the skin causing sores, hotspots and infection. If we notice these present it is best to remove as much hair as possible to allow the skin to breathe and heal. Heavy matting on tips of ears can cause blood sippage thru the skin as the blood rushes back after intense matts removed.   Repeated Dematting: Can damage the hair, making it more likely to tangle. It may be best to start over.